Batch It Retreat Bali 2019

  • Focus

    Get away from the everyday noise to focus on your project without the distractions

  • Self Love

    Celebrate & reward yourself in beautiful Bali with daily time out, swimming, great food & spa treatments

  • Accountability

    Don’t just plan it… DO IT! Cut to the chase & get it finished a *billion* times faster

You were sitting around in your yoga pants, sipping your fave red, minding your own sweet-ass business, Netflix-n-chillin' and BAM... you got an idea...

Super inconvenient timing / Super effing brilliant idea...

You know your tribe will gobble it up.
You know you will relish delivering it.
You know you'll revel in the accolades of how clever it is.

Then reality sets in and you realise you'll never get it done.

Not in the daily grind of competing priorities.

Not with everything else that begs your attention (hello wiping Weetbix off the dog, keeping the basics of your business going and emptying that f***ing email inbox).

And certainly not without a bit of know-how on all those niggling little moving parts that make up the whole.

It's called life and it's not going to change in a hurry.

The Batch It Crazy Retreat BALI
is a 4-day / 5-night all-inclusive excuse to get up to your ears in your business and focus on that special project! 

Previous Batchie Retreaters have focused on:

- Creating a new course
- Completing 6-12 months' worth of blogs & videos
- Scheduling Social Media posts
- Designing a new website
- Defining an entire business model
- Setting up sexy email marketing funnels
- Building business systems, processes and workflows

+ more!

24-29 July 2020

** VIP starts 22nd July **

What's included?

Pre Retreat
- 1 hour 1:1 planning session with me via Zoom
(This should be within the 3-4 weeks leading up to retreat so you’re completely comfortable and aligned with what you’re going to concentrate on at retreat)
- All the deets and reminders you need to make sure you're as ready as you'll ever be on touch-down

On Retreat
- Maximum of 5 Batchies on retreat (plus Claire & crew) for loads of personalised strategy
- 5 nights of accommodation (private room + bathroom)
- all breakfasts + lunches 
- Mini-workshops
- 2.5 hour spa day with massage, facial or hair treatment, and Chakra Balance
- Plenty of exploration and down-time
- group workshop, planning and mentoring
- time and space to start and finish your project
- strategic support for your business systems and marketing
- plan and discuss outsourcing
- mastermind convo with balanced, awesome group of LadyBosses
- Gentle accountability and encouragement

After Retreat
- Support Group Call 1-month after retreat
- VIP rates available for 1:1
- optional upgrades to find and train a VA to help you distribute and schedule all your gorgeous content
- Discounted VIP upgrades available
- Discounted access to my signature programs, Batch It Crazy

* Images of retreat locations are representative of style only and may not be actual images of the venues booked *

Is this retreat right for me?

This is for you if you:
- Have or are starting up a business (or are in charge of content creation, project creation or management for an organisation)
- Have an important message to share
- Are looking for ways to easily start and finish that important project (instead of plugging away all your spare time for the next year, getting it done in dribs and drabs)
- Want to streamline your business processes and systems
- Would love some gentle accountability to keep you on track 

This is not for you if you:
- Want me to write content or do the project for you
- Don’t believe in connecting with your people
- Are not committed to focusing on your business, supporting other retreaters
- Don't like massages (JK... but seriously... who doesn't like massages... I get them almost daily in Bali... you can too!)

CLICK HERE to book an obligation-free chat with Claire to answer your questions

The (Loose) Agenda

If you have ANY Questions at all, please email [email protected]

See you there, gorgeous one!

What they say...

“I  got  some  really  important  pieces  of  content  finished  -  and  normally  I'm  no  finisher!  But  something  about  the  commitment  I  made  in  this  retreat  combined  with  Claire's  expertise  and  the  energy  of  the  group  made  me  power  through.    I  came  away  feeling  really  proud  &  relieved!  of  all  I'd  created.”

Kris Emery - Book Editor

“Such  an  amazing  weekend!    Feeling  on  top  of  the  world  to  walk  away  with    SO  MUCH  CONTENT    and  absolute  clarity  onmy  next  steps.Claire,  you're  a  superstar  very  much  on  the  rise  and  your  insight,  superbrain  &  careful  planning  created  an  amazing  experience  that  allowed  everyone  to  grow  asan  individual,  and  together  as  a  group.  So  glad  I  got  tobe  a  #Batchie  for  the  weekend.”

Stephanie Hulett - Brand Strategy Mentor

“Exceeded  my  expectations  in  every  way.    With  the  Batch  It  Crazy  retreat,  Claire  has  created  something  that  ticks  every  box  and  finally  gotmeto  meet  content  goals  that  I'd  held  for  months.  The  combination  of  planning  and  doing  was  perfect,  with  real  space  to  come  away  with  something  tangible  -  absolutely  heaps  of  content!”

Kris Emery - Book Editor

“I  basically  created  an  entire  course plus  some  promotional  material.    Plus  some  other  little  jobs  I'd  been  putting  off  for  ages.”

Liv Marriott - VA & DoTerra Wellness Guru

“What  a  woman,  what  a  retreat!  You  are  amazing  and  I'm  so  so  lucky  to  work  with  you.    Sorting,  planning  and  batching...  so  much  getting  done,  thanks  to  your  help!”

Felicity O'Connor - Artist, Mentor & Psychologist

“I am  very  happy  that  I  chose  to  attend  Claire's  content  retreat.    She  is  extremely  knowledgeable  about  tools  and  methods  to  optimise  productivity  for  marketers.    The  retreat  offered  me  amazing  support  and  positive,  friendly  feedback  onmy  ideas  from  anexperienced  group.    I  was  feeling  quite  lost  before  the  retreat  and  it  definitely  helped  tofocus  me.    It  felt  great  to  walk  away  with  something  tangible  alongside  my  newfound  inspiration.”

Lisa Tate - Marketing Specialist

“The  Batch  It Retreat completely exceeded  my  expectations.    The  location  was  beautiful,  the  company  amazing,  and  the  environment  perfect  for  getting  things  done.    I  probably  could  have  got  this  work  done  by  myself  at  home,  but  getting  outofmy  office  into  the  right  environment  meant  I  was  so  productive  and  supported  that  it  felt  EASY  and  FUN  rather  than  hard  work.    I'd  encourage  anyone  thinking  about  attending  togo  for  it.  I  will  certainly  be  back  for  more!”

Katherine Tate - Marketing Manager, Web Designer & Artist

Pricing options

Monthly payment plans available - if you need fortnightly, please contact me directly.


  • What’s the accommodation like?

    We have beautiful, relaxed, luxe feel accommodation in all locations. In Bali, you'll have your own, private bedroom and bathroom to yourself. The houses have a relaxed Retreat feel with gorgeous furnishings and appliances, co-working and workshop spaces as well, wifi, outdoor areas, living areas and plenty of space for quiet!

  • Tell me about the food & drinks? All that focused creation time is going to make me hungry!

    Breakfast is prepared fresh by local staff each day. You can select your lunch each day from a cafe menu nearby and it will be delivered to us. Most dinners will be out at a local restaurant. Coffee, tea and filtered water will be available throughout the day. Alcohol is not included but you're welcome to join my in a few cocktails! Please BYO if you have any food requirements and also let Claire know at the time of booking so arrangements can be made.

  • What sort of ‘content’ might I create?

    Where do I start…? Just about everything you put out into the world as known by your business, is content. Your blogs, videos, social media posts, replies to messages, phone calls, sales pages, landing pages, website pages, newsletters & so much more.

  • Do I need to have a blog, website, socials or anything already?

    Not at all. If you do, that’s great… if you don’t, we’re starting at the lush fields of Ground Zero!

  • How do I get to the accommodation?

    There are loads of ways to get around Bali, but the easiest will be to hire a car + driver. Depending on where you're coming from, expect to pay $35-50 Aussie bucks from the usual tourist haunts or the airport. I can organise airport transfers for you for about $35 per trip.

  • Will I have my own room?

    You bet! We're all about togetherness and collaboration... but I also TOTALLY GET that we need, appreciate and crave some solo chill time to process and decompress after these intense days!

  • Can I record videos while on retreat?

    Absolutely! There are loads of beautiful, air-conditioned and quiet spaces with lovely backgrounds. Just bring whatever you need (recording device such as laptop, smart phone, recorder etc.), lighting and outfits.

  • Can you help me find a VA or Project Team to help with implementation?

    That's one of my fave things to do! Let me know if this is on your To Do list!

  • How much time do I get with you, Claire?

    We get to spend an hour together before the retreat so I can get a grip on your business and retreat priorities. Throughout the retreat, we spend a tonne of time together - in group as well as 1:1. During the Pom Sessions, we can hook up and you get my eyes on your biz. After retreat, you get access to discounted VIP upgrades for as many 1:1 sessions with me as well as Batch It Crazy membership and Like A Boss course. I'm pretty proud and protective of my Batchies and love helping you out! Just let me know what you're thinking and we'll work something out!

Claire Riley

Business & Marketing Coach

Claire has a beautiful, flexible, online business and helps to strategise, teach, transform and implement Business & Online Marketing Strategy and Productivity to women in service-based online business. She works with Game-Changing women who have big ideas to create connection, change and ease in their business and in the lives of their clients, peers and audiences! Claire also has 2 little kids, a deep and everlasting love for red wine and a closet obsession with 90s rap…

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